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  • What is Boodle Buy Now Pay Later?

    Boodle Buy Now Pay Later offers you affordability and convenience, allowing you to receive your goods or services right away, and split your purchase over 4 equal monthly payments with no interest or fees.

  • Who can use Boodle Buy Now Pay Later?

    Any South African resident with a valid ID number, cellphone and email address can use BNPL.

  • When do I make my first payment?

    The first payment of 25% is paid upfront. The remaining 3 payments are scheduled automatically at monthly intervals. For example:

    When do I make my first payment?

  • Are my payments really interest free?

    Yes! What you see is what you get. Enjoy no interest and no fees, not even late payment fees.

  • What if I miss a payment?

    There is no interest or fee even if you miss a payment, however if you’re not paid up, you won’t be able to use us in the future. If you do miss a payment, get in touch with our support centre immediately to make an arrangement.

  • Why did I not meet the credit criteria?

    We understand how frustrating it must be when a purchase is declined, however our process ensures that we support responsible spending habits. Remember, each purchase is a new decision, so one rejection doesn’t mean that all future purchases will automatically be declined.

    If you were declined, then you may have a poor credit history or no history at all. Although we’re unable to change the outcome of an automated credit decision, we can help you with tips to improve your credit score so you have better luck next time. Get in touch with our support centre to learn more.

  • Can I settle early?

    Of course! We love early birds. You can settle online or via our support centre. Just remember that it’s not possible to settle in a store.

  • How many purchases can I have at a time?

    You can make as many purchases as you like, so long as you are within your spend limit.

  • Is there a limit to how much I can buy now and pay later?

    Yes, but once you’ve proved yourself, we increase your spend limit over time.

  • What if I want to return my product?

    All refunds need to be approved directly by the retailer. If the merchant agrees to a refund/return in line with their terms and conditions, they instruct us to refund you.

  • Am I able to change my details?

    Yes! Simply log in to your customer profile to make any changes to your personal or payment details at any time. Feel free to contact our support centre if you need assistance.

  • How do I view my upcoming payments?

    Once you’ve logged in to your customer profile, you’ll be able to see all your purchases and view your upcoming payments.

  • How do I sign up as a partner?

    Simply contact [email protected] and a dedicated account manager will get in touch.

  • Does Boodle Buy Now Pay Later require integration?

    We have the option of an integrated and non-integrated solution. Our API can be viewed on our developer’s page, and our dedicated account managers can provide more info about our non-integrated solution.

  • When do I get settled?

    We settle in full overnight, which means that there’s no risk to you.

  • What does Boodle Buy Now Pay Later cost?

    Just a flat percentage fee on successful purchases. Chat to us if you need more info on [email protected].

  • What if our customers don’t pay?

    That’s our problem, not yours. Leave us to do what we do best. We assume 100% of the credit risk.

  • Why choose Boodle Buy Now Pay Later as your partner?

    We offer customers more affordability by splitting their purchases over 4 equal monthly payments.
    We offer more ways to pay – credit card, debit card, instant eft and debit order.
    We never charge your customers any fees or interest. Not even late payment fees.